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Jerusalem the Center of the Universe: Its Archaeology and History (1800–100 BCE)
Israel Finkelstein

Jerusalem is the center of the universe, the hub of the three great monotheistic religions, yet how did a city located on the desert fringe, in the semi-arid southern highlands of Israel with little tillable land achieve such dominance? To provide answers to this enduring riddle, Israel Finkelstein has collected twenty-four of his best articles and essays covering the Middle Bronze Age to the late Hellenistic period.

Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions: Methodological Encounters and Debates
Martti Nissinen and Jutta Jokiranta, editors

This volume presents the work of the international, interdisciplinary research project Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions (CSTT), whose members focused on cultural, ideological, and material changes in the period when the sacred traditions of the Hebrew Bible were created, transmitted, and transformed. Essays from specialists in textual studies of the Hebrew and Greek Bibles, archaeologists, Assyriologists, and historians bridge gaps between different fields.

Exploring Sublime Rhetoric in Biblical Literature
Roy R. Jeal, editor

In scholarly study of the New Testament and early Christian rhetoric, one key element is often overlooked: the sublime. To address this omission, contributors to this volume explore how sublime rhetoric exerts cognitive, emotional, and physiological force on its audiences, transporting them to new realities as they go along. The essays lay groundwork for scholars and students to identify and interpret sublime rhetoric in biblical literature.

Remembering Nicaea: The Ecclesiastical History of Anonymous Cyzicenus
Martin Shedd, Sean Tandy, and Jeremy M. Schott

Remembering Nicaea presents the first complete English translation of Anonymous Cyzicenus’s Ecclesiastical History, the fullest surviving account of the Council of Nicaea (325 CE). The introduction features new arguments for the dating of the text, a discussion of Anonymous Cyzicenus’s sources and their modification, and an evaluation of the larger purpose of the Ecclesiastical History.

Reading in These Times: Purposes and Practices of Minoritized Biblical Criticism
Tat-siong Benny Liew and Fernando F. Segovia, editors

In this third phase of a larger project focused on defining and pursuing minoritized biblical criticism, contributors consider the importance of spatial-geographical and temporal-historical context to questions of how and why they engage the Bible. Addressing a range of contemporary issues, contributors demonstrate that interpretations carry broader implications for society and that scholars have ethical and political responsibilities to their communities and to the world.

Ask the Animals: Developing a Biblical Animal Hermeneutic
Arthur W. Walker-Jones and Suzanna R. Millar, editors

Despite the prevalence of animals in the Bible, most scholars have viewed them merely as metaphors, passive objects, or background embellishment to the human experience. This collection seeks to move beyond this traditional view of biblical animals by engaging the growing interdisciplinary field of animal studies. Contributors showcase the breadth and depth of inquiry that animal studies can foster in biblical studies.
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