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Educational Resources and Review Committee
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The Educational Resources and Review Committee addresses the need for accurate, academically-sound classroom resources on sacred texts for secondary schools, as well as resources that inform and educate the general public. This committee is tasked with:
  • Researching current U.S. state and national standards on religion and sacred texts in public schools, with a focus on biblical and related literatures.
  • Being informed about international trends and work on teaching religion/sacred texts in public settings.
  • Creating connections and collaborations with faculty and teachers in the education sector.
  • Developing curricular materials (modules) that will aid secondary teachers, students, and administrators in teaching and understanding critical approaches to religions and sacred texts.
  • Working with other organizations such as the First Amendment Center/Newseum to focus on legal aspects of teaching religion in public settings.
  • Raising awareness of the delicate issues surrounding teaching religion and sacred texts among school boards, administrators, teachers, and the general public.
Members of this committee serve a three-year term, renewable for a second term.
Members of the committee:



Years of Term

Michael Chan 1 2022–2024
David L. Eastman (Chair) 2 2022–2024
Frances Flannery 2 2022–2024
Aron Freidenreich 1 2020–2022
Gary Herion 2 2019–2021
Brian LePort 1 2022–2024
Carleen R. Mandolfo 2 2019–2021
Kelly Murphy 1 2020–2022
Kirsten Rose-Bean 1 2022–2024

Christopher Hooker- Staff Liaison

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